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OnChip Embedded

We offer design services for the end-to-end development of embedded products.
Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Intrumnetation and Automotive sectors.!

Software Reuse

Faster Development and Reduced Costs

We help our customers shorten their development cycle and reduce costs by utilizing our ready to use software components.

 OT-USB Host, Device and OTG stack
- Easy integration of USB host functionality into your embedded products.
- Supports USB Flash drives, Serial, Audio, HID and Vendor specific Devices.

- SIG certified, designed for resource constrained embedded systems.
- Supports HCI based Bluetooth controllers

 OT-SPEECH stack
- Fully integrated ready-to-use module


Concept to Production

Our turnkey product design capability facilitates developing a product from concept and bringing it to production. We can offer highly BOM optimized designs that are supported by us through production and maintenance.

 PCB PCBA board design and COMPONENT guidance
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  Rapid PROTOTYPE, Sample and Pilot Production
  Support for MASS PRODUCTION and Life Cycle Management
  BOM optimised hardware + Software solutions
  CONSULTANCY with feature definition
  Collaborate with YOUR Industrial PARTNERS
  Introduce you to OUR Industrial PARTNERS

Embedded Software

Areas of expertise

  BSP (Board Support Package)

Embedded Expertise

Microprocessor and microcontroller architectures

Our Engineering Team is comprised of embedded software and hardware design engineers having a deep understanding of microprocessor and microcontroller architectures.

We also have extensive experience developing applications for embedded products including applications for WinCE, Android, Linux and other embedded OS

Mad Skills

ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y

Onchip Technologies is a firm with core expertise in building ready to use embedded software products. Founded in 2007, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with operations in the United States, Onchip takes pride as one of the leading embedded products and service providers in the world.

We are obsessed with delivering high-quality software and hardware, structured source code, documentation and support.

Our product and software design service enables companies to launch products quickly and cost effectively. We guarantey every customer exceptional embedded services and software products that have been tested, approved and strictly adhere to ANSI Standards.

Our highly efficient skilled workforce are focused on leveraging reuse where appropriate by embedding intelligence on every device we build. Programmer friendly source code, easy to understand technical documentation, quick start examples, royalty-free license terms; are the unique features that make Onchip Technologies, a dependable and comprehensive company worldwide.

Proven Results

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Great New Services

See what we've added!

See what's new at Onchip Embedded. Our customers have asked and we have responded.
Service additions and extensions are one area Onchip's commitment to you as a trusted embedded partner can be appreciated!

3D Design Service

Drawings and Parts

Our customers have been asking us for assistant with 3D drawings, models and prototype parts during their projects. Several have asked us for offshore supply chain assistance with ABS plastic manufacturing. We have just added an end to end 3D engineering service to meet that demand!

FCC CE Certification

Certification Management

With our recent success for our customer projects managing FCC and CE certification we have decided to create a contract service available to you. End to End Certification leveraging our "India - In Country" partners and resident staff to make your next certification cost effective and efficient.

QA Testing

White Box QA Testing

Customers ask us to offer "Quality Assurance Reviews" as a service. Managing quality deliverables has created a capability we can now offer as a separate contract service. For functional as well as documentation package accuracy, consistency and completeness, we can help!

Our Global Reach

Need a partner with resources around the world

Review our global partner supply chain and ask how we can bring the RIGHT resources to bear with the correct project timing, effectiveness and COST!

Contact windows

Globally situated!

Project success is dependant on significant communication. Partners that have invested in enhancing this communication understand that relationship. Disparate time zones, geography and even culture can be detrimental to the successful outcome of your project. Onchip is passionate that this will not be our weeks pot.

Global Supply Chain

When BOM control matters!

Embedded technical engineered solutions require resources that are often NOT situated in the contracting customer or even the contractor's home country. Assembling the correct suppliers along the project life from evaluation to sample to pilot to full production requires border less sourcing.


Global Design Resources

When proximity matters!

Engineering projects are advancing to complexity and rapid pace that often mandates leveraging third party expertise from IC vendors to HID manufacturers. You need an embedded design partner with extensive global technical resource relationships that they can instantly focus on your project when necessary.

Global Markets

When collaboration matters!

One of the less frequently described feature/benefits is the feedback and interchange between you and our staff during the discovery and propolis development phases. This dialog aided by global perspective and independent experiences often generates questions and options that will lead to success.

Please call us, we are eager to help!