Our Process

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Please review our board design and production process. Onchip Embedded has a long history of successful end to end projects. Let us partner with you on your next!


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In the discovery phase, your project proposal is explored and elaborated. In addition, decisions are made concerning what global resources are best suited for Onchip to engage for this project.

Areas for discovery:
• What markets are being served?
• What should the results be?
• Budgeted Cost and Timelines?
• What external and internal resources are best suited?
• What class of project communication is best suited?
• What are the boundaries of this project? (what is outside the scope of the project)?

The ability to manage “feature creep” is an important quality in a trusted embedded partner.

A project in which a prototype is developed to deliver all of the functionality of a production version must also consider matters of satisfying the target market over the life of the program, maintenance, instructions and the operational management of the tooling and BOM.

Specification Review

Where gaps can be uncovered!



With a product life cycle focus!



Mfg. Tolerance and EMI guidelines!


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