Our Guiding Principles

Collaboration, Efficiency and Effectiveness!



The defining moment for your Embedded Project's Success

Discovery occurs at multiple stages in your project cycle. If you are reading this it means you are likely in vendor technology search mode. Possibly the most critical step in your project. We strongly recommend you call us or let us call you.

NOTHING replaces human to human contact in this phase. OUR COMMITMENT to you is that a Senior Engineer will make this call. Your time is too valuable for us to provide you with anything less efficient.

Once you select your partner, This process step continues and contributes to the basis for your design requirements specification (DRS) document. The DRS contains a vision and/or mission statement defining the overall technical and market objectives as well as any anticipated trade-offs required for your project.


Please call us, we are eager to help!

Proposal Development

Definitive clarity for the entire project is the goal.

Expectations for Deliverables as well as schedules and expected costs should be definitive and mutually accepted. This documentation is the guiding road map for a successful project.

Project Execution

Successful Partnerships breed success.

Successfully managing the multiple tasks, milestones, cost and DRS targets with multiple worldwide participants is a CRITICAL skillset you MUST DEMAND from us. We use a simple industry standard planning tool (Microsoft Planner) to facilitate this high level ad hoc communication to meet that expectation.


All Deliverables are transferred.

Executed well, we will transfer to you the expected Deliverables that meet your specifications, schedules and budgets which were OFTEN competing factions during this phase.


Where we identify how to execute the next project EVEN BETTER!

Onchip and you are investing in each other as well as investing in the project We have every hope that we sufficiently excelled that you might consider us YOUR EMBEDDED PARTNER!

Our Pricing

Onchip prides itself of being exceptionally efficient and effective. Our range of talent worldwide coupled with multinational technology and manufacturing partners allows us to quote and deliver a highly competitive proposal that meets your project specifications as well as your time line and cost targets. Please contact us to get started!