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Exceptional Performance and Customer Satisfaction on complex projects that involved project discovery, definition, embedded design for custom hardware and software including sample, pilot and mass production assistance.

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USB driver for Raspberry Pi 3
HID Touch driver for an
Embedded Display Company.

November, 2015


TFT LVDS Engineering design review
Post Mortem review
of a failed TFT design.

March, 2016


EOL BOM component Review
review 3 BOM componets
for EOL replacement

Sept, 2016

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Newest Project White Papers

720P Broadcast 2U Display

720P Real Time Rotation

Challenge: Design an industrial display to fit in a 2U rack mount with 720P landscape resolution. Their initial target display was a 5" portrait panel. The challenge for Onchip Embedded was to make that work in real time video frame rates and meet their cost target and tight schedule.


ARM RGBA Embedded Rendering Library

Challenge: Redesign a RGBA Graphic rendering engine engineered for a more expensive Linux embedded system into a naked low cost display product to fit in a low cost 1U rack mount version. Tight cost and time budgets as always!

Latest Skill Set Extensions

Onchip has listened closely to our customers and we have incrementally added skill set whenever we can do it with the same quality expectations as everything else we offer.

Most recently we have added 3D Solidworks CAD service to our portfolio. Many of our customers have demanded Solidworks models for their design engineers to test for fit and finish during the mechanical design phase. Quite a few have asked for models for for finsihed machining and tooling for ABS plastic injection molds.

A natural extension to this service is that we realized we were in a great position to be of service supplying actual ABS sample parts for you during your rapid prototyping and development phase.

We can also recommend production partners we have direct experience with. This raises the confidence level that you can migrate from sample to pilot to production parts cost effectively, timely and with significant reduced risk.

We are constantly listening to our customers and wherever we can be of additional service we strongly consider acquiring the skill set when it has a synergy to our other departments and partners.